Chris Allen

Sean Martineau

Katie Allen
Wife/Ops Admin

Chris Cenina

Dale Allen

Full Crew:
Allan Clarke
Rory O’Connell
Jeff Shultz
Robbie Holom
Lucas Miller
Chris Solo
Jared Lozano
Steve Arthur
Kellie Allen

It all started with a 10×10 canopy.

Halloween has always been a huge part of my identity. My parents first met at a Halloween party (thankfully!) and the guy throwing it had a huge influence on my life. He was my dad’s best friend, John, and every year he would build incredible Halloween displays in his front yard in San Pedro, CA. When I was six, he passed away and I was given many of his homemade props. Little did I know, this would be the beginning of my Unhallowed journey.

Every Halloween after John died my dad and I would decorate a 10×10 canopy in our front yard for the neighborhood kids to go through. Over the years, and with the help of my best friends, the experience grew into a 2,500-sq-foot maze that wrapped around our entire house. After four years, my dad started to feel uneasy about the hundreds of people walking through his property each night, and in 2015 he said we needed to find a new location for the maze. We were devastated.

My girlfriend (now wife), Katie, jumped on social media asking anyone and everyone if they would be willing to let us build on their property. To our surprise, we got a direct message from Long Beach Zombie Fest asking us to build at their event – that was three weeks away! We couldn’t refuse, so we worked day and night to design a free-standing maze bigger than anything we have ever done before.

Ever since that first Zombie Fest, our mazes kept getting bigger and better. We were eventually asked to build at Midsummer Scream, which was a dream come true. Today, we continue to build mazes, but we’ve also started building stand alone facades and pneumatic props.

I hope one day Unhallowed will be something my two boys will run with. It has brought me, my friends, and my community a lot of joy. I know John would be proud. – Chris