“More frightening than what’s available at the Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor or Knott’s Scary Farm or similar professional mazes.” – Grunion Gazzette

“Perhaps the most visually impressive mini-haunt–or at least the one with the best facade–was Unhallowed’s The Last of Man.  Another “research lab gone wrong theme,” this maze’s biggest calling card was its very professional looking set.  As it turns out, everyone with Unhallowed is in the construction business in some manner–they have a couple of builders, a lighting guy, and a partner good with mechanical assemblies.  And this October, they’ll be constructing the backdrop behind Long Beach’s Zombie Fest, a day invasion of blood, guts, and the undead.  As far as The Last of Man went, this was right there by the top of my favorites, thanks to its great theming and active and completely committed talent!” – Westcoaster (article link)

“A haunt that can be compared to a Knott’s Scary Farm attraction. As a fan who indulges everything Halloween and attends all the events, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from this maze, but I was quickly impressed.” – Long Beach Post

“If you’re afraid of something, you’ll find it within Unhallowed”  – Los Angeles Times